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The right to social protection

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This episode of the ILO World of Work show will focus on the role that social protection can take in supporting fundamental human rights. A role made all the more critical as the world of work enters a period of multiple and interconnected crises. In addition, we will take viewers to the 17th Asia and the Pacific Regional Meeting, currently taking place in Singapore, and explore the findings of the first ever global survey on experiences of violence and harassment at work.

Key moments

playToday on the World of Work Show
Duration: 54:45
playWhat's happening at the ILO at this month
Duration: 2:18
playWhat's so important about social protection?
Duration: 4:11
playAn update from the 17th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting in Singapore
Duration: 1:42
playHow to end gender-based violence at work
Duration: 6:37


Guebray Berhane
Advocacy and Public Information Officer
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Steven Needham
Senior Communication Officer for Asia and the Pacific
International Labour Organization (ILO)


Shahra Razavi
Director, Social Protection
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Gilbert F. Houngbo
International Labour Organization (ILO)
Volker Türk
UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
Valentina Beghini
Specialist on Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination
International Labour Organization (ILO)