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111th International Labour Conference opening sitting 5 June
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111th International Labour Conference

The International Labour Organization will hold its 111th annual International Labour Conference in Geneva from 5–16 June 2023. Worker, employer and government delegates from the ILO's 187 Member States will tackle a wide range of issues, including: a just transition towards sustainable and inclusive economies, quality apprenticeships, and labour protection.

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Inclusive Labour Protection for All

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Labour protection is at the core of social justice and decent work. But what does that mean exactly and are labour protection systems fit for purpose in a rapidly changing world of work? To explore this, the ILO World of Work Show will explore the role of labour protection at a time of multiple crises. Join us as well to look back at the first week of the 111th International Labour Conference. 


Guebray Berhane
Advocacy and Public Information Officer
International Labour Organization (ILO)

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