Group of ethnic diverse workers in office space smiling around desk, one in wheelchair
Factory workers in yellow uniform working with sewing machines with one worker in a wheelchair
Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) will host its 10th annual conference on “Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way” on 14th and 15th November 2023 at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference will provide an opportunity to welcome new ILO GBDN members, facilitate the exchange of best corporate practices in disability inclusion, showcase the latest global and local business initiatives related to disability, and encourage informal networking among conference attendees. The conference will cover topics such as disability inclusion in companies' environmental, social, and governance efforts, addressing the intersectional needs of individuals with disabilities, self-identification and career advancement of employees with disabilities, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on disability inclusion in the workplace. 

Intersecting identities: Focusing on individual’s needs and potentials

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All people have several facets of their identities that intersect, and all of them affect a person’s life and work experiences – negatively or positively. This session aims to highlight the need for and importance of taking into account people with disabilities’ intersecting identities at the workplace to unleash their full professional potential. Speakers will discuss how disability intersects with other identify facets like gender and ethnicity and share the initiatives that employers can adopt to make their workplaces more inclusive for anyone – independent of their identity. 


Sumita Kunashakaran
Chief Inclusion Officer, Inclusive Creation AS


Diane Lightfoot
CEO, Business Disability Forum (BDF)
Rachid Bensahnoune
Diversity and Inclusion Director for Greater Europe, Inditex
LaMondre Pough
CEO, Billion Strong
Andy Garrett
Workplace Adjustments and Accessibility Director, GSK
Pratima Gurung
President, National Indigenous Disabled Women Association - Nepal
Jonathan Elebjörk Wahlström
Board Member, International Federation of Hard of Hearing Young People

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