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Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way

The ILO Global Business and Disability Network (GBDN) will host its 10th annual conference on “Disability in sustainability efforts: Businesses leading the way” on 14th and 15th November 2023 at the ILO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

The conference will provide an opportunity to welcome new ILO GBDN members, facilitate the exchange of best corporate practices in disability inclusion, showcase the latest global and local business initiatives related to disability, and encourage informal networking among conference attendees. The conference will cover topics such as disability inclusion in companies' environmental, social, and governance efforts, addressing the intersectional needs of individuals with disabilities, self-identification and career advancement of employees with disabilities, and the impact of Artificial Intelligence on disability inclusion in the workplace. 

Trust and self-identification: Measuring success in changing corporate cultures

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Collecting data on persons with disabilities in the workplace is important to help understand what they need to thrive and succeed, without barriers. Often, the challenge employers face when collecting data, is the lack of employee willingness to share their information. This highlights the importance of companies ensuring their culture is safe and employees feel comfortable when sharing their identities. Speakers will discuss the various steps companies can take to measure their progress on disability inclusion and to ensure their workplace is creating a culture of trust and safety.  


Stephie Elms
Global Head DEI - Disability, Novartis


Meg O'Connell
Founder & CEO, Global Disability Inclusion
Peter Rutigliano
Data Analytics Leader, Mercer
Federica Terrenzio
Director of the programme ‘Disabilities at Work’, Salesforce
Stephane Leblois
Director of Partnerships, The Valuable 500
Brendan Roach
Director of Strategy and Networkology, PurpleSpace

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